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Windows 8 has Two Windows - My Personal Experience

Isn't is confusing If I say that Windows 8 has two Windows, hmmm don't get surprised, you read it right!

Actually, two Windows here mean the two different worlds in Windows 8, one is designed especially for touchscreen devices and another for a computer with mouse and keyboard. But, unfortunately it isn't possible to install/use those individually/separately.

Two Windows 8

So, If we can't use these two worlds separately, What's the benefit and why they both are superimposed into a single Windows 8 operating system? The reason that gives me an answer to “Why” probably is that:

PC sales growth was going down and the tablet/touch screen devices were on high rise, So here, Microsoft want the same operating system to be used in both the regular computers and tablets/touchscreen devices without compromising with the 600 Million regular mouse driven PC's which were already in use. And,  thats the benefit too, Now there is no need to have separate operating systems for different type of devices.

Personally, when I use Windows 8, it gives me an experience of using two different operating systems at the same time but still I love that, because I love to explore different operating systems regardless of what the consumers says about it.

So, here I just want to know whether you too feel the same? Or just I'm mad!


  1. I was confused at first with the post title. I do love Windows 8 too and the live tiles are actually beautiful...

    1. Thank You Don, I'm glad you like this article

  2. So true... Here it goes for me: For I had a 5 year old notebook I had to change it to a new one just because the specs now are not in par with the modern requirements... Hungry apps basically and HTML 5 :) So When I decided to buy a new one I choose an ultrabook and it had to be touch as a must because I simply love touch from Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and any other touch UI OS from Symbian till now. Seems like natural computing. And because ultrabooks come with Win 8 on it and I just hate Apple, I found myself inlove within less than a week. I find it more attractive and more functional than any other OS - even Ubuntu witch I used to love - out of all Linux distros... It's simple as you say: one desktop environment for productivity and the Metro Style for multimedia and entertainment

    1. Thanks toma for your valuable reply. Windows 8.1 has now improved the tile interface, which means you can larger or smaller the size of metro tiles as per your convenience. You'll be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free releasing this August.

      Take Care!!

  3. Its my proposal experience windows 8 is wonderful operating system in the world and like all of features and tools. Windows 8 provide advance technology to perform any type of work in any business field.

    Bert Leen


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