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Windows 8 vs WIndows 7 Popularity Index - Source: Google Trends

In my last article, Windows 8 for business, I mentioned that Microsoft has refused to reveal the actual Windows 8 sales figures. But still we have an idea about how much popularity Windows 8 is gaining & how fast?

Though, we don't have the exact figures but I think the data from the tech giant Google is not telling lies, let's have a look at the graph below,

Data from United States Alone:

Worldwide Data:
From the above graphs, it looks like both Windows are off to the ring and about to start the fight......can Windows 8 beat Windows 7, if yes, how much time it will take?

If we look at the data from Unites States alone, the no. of searches for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be almost equal by the end of November or Mid of December, If everything goes fine & nothing major happened in the OS industry.

Though, its been observed that if people are loving the new operating system, many hates it too.
Let's have a look at the regional interest:

For Windows 8 For Windows 7

If we go with the regional interest, India and Russia are the top countries by geographical area, where India is having highest search volume index for both Windows 8 and Windows 7.

So, according to Google Trends, the newly launched Windows OS is being searched in India the most times among the geographically large countries, whatever the reason is, may be population, being an IT outsourcing Hub or one of the fastest growing internet market in terms of user base, a total of at least 125 million internet users till July 2012 growing at an annual rate of 41%.

One thing is clear, people, at least want to try Windows 8 or many if already trying/using are looking to explore its features or fix the bugs by searching over Internet. And, that's how the search volume index increase or decrease.

Now its time for you to share your experience with Windows 8 and your views about its future.


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  1. I purchased a laptop with windows 8 installed. My laptop does not have a touch screen.

    I find windows 8 annoying at best. I have a friend who said he could downgrade me to Windows 7 which is what I'll probably do. I am waiting with the hope that MS will realize their folly and change Windows 8 for PC users


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